Dr.-Ing. Thiemo Ebbert





Refurbishment Strategies for the Technical Improvement of Office Facades

Doctoral Dissertation at Delft University of Technology




The task of refurbishment is becoming the predominant job of architects in the near future. Currently, the enormous number of offices from the period 1950 to 1980 is very often seen as a burden which is considered neither economically feasible, nor sustainable, nor attractive. However, these buildings often hold huge potentials that are yet to be discovered.


This thesis rediscovers the knowledge of such older buildings in general and their façade constructions in particular. It develops a typology that demonstrates the variety and distribution of the existing façades and their individual challenges. The intensive assessment of seven representative case studies has resulted in a set of very promising refurbishment strategies, tested on building structural level as well as on detail level.


Thus, this work proves the applicability of refurbishment concepts to different façade types and that refurbishment is often the better option for a building than demolition. Such refurbishment planning is a creative form of design, which offers long term prospects for office properties without neglecting their existing qualities – an entirely new form of work for architects, clients, and developers, which has its own unique attractions.









ISBN: 978-90-8570-499-7
409 pages
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